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Configuration Management Best Practices

documentation for which it’s the configuration management authority, supplied those modifications don’t impact the Government’s baselines. NASA has 4 baselines, every of which defines a distinct phase within the evolution of a product design. The baseline identifies an agreed-to description of attributes of a CI at a time limit and offers a known configuration to which changes are addressed.

configuration control board

The second step creates configuration change management surveillance of the contractor’s exercise. The CM office advises the NASA program or project supervisor to attain a balanced configuration change administration implementation that fits the distinctive program/project situation. See Figure 6.5-4 for an example of a typical configuration change management management course of. The structural design configuration should be placed under technical configuration control to stop the introduction of inadvertent modifications. Every factor of the structural configuration should be uniquely recognized per approved software program configuration management procedures.

and major/critical deviations. The CCB then evaluations the proposal and the implementation commitments and both approves or disapproves them in accordance with the procuring exercise’s

Change Control Board

The voting membership of the Board consists of 1 representative from every main person of DPAS. Non-voting members can take part in conferences and communications but can not vote on priorities for the System Change Requests (SCRs). They discovered greater success in first exposing the issues, challenges, and pains as symptoms of insufficient CM. That is, beginning at the finish with “what happens with out CM” and working backwards as a substitute of beginning at the beginning with “what is CM” and dealing forward.

Factors affecting a CCB’s choice can embody the project’s section of improvement, budget, schedule, and high quality objectives. Through this process of detailed examination, the change management board decides on the viability of the change request or makes suggestions accordingly. A change control board consists of representatives of the related configuration management board useful areas of the project along with the project manager. The CCB could, every so often, establish technical working teams (TWG), as required, to supervise, evaluation, and make recommendations to the board on particular technical aspects of the CM Program, or configuration gadgets. TWGs provide the subject-matter experience essential to make sure that documents, the DM2, and different merchandise underneath configuration control of the CCB are maintained in a accountable method.

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To impact change to a product, the first step is the revision of the documents defining the product. The concepts discussed below facilitate carrying out this step, utilizing automated instruments corresponding to

configuration control board

and directives to events who’re assigned implementing action(s) or have a need to know. The CCB operating procedures should also

512 Process Actions

A structured CM program ensures that documentation (e.g., requirements, design, take a look at, and acceptance documentation) for items is accurate and according to the precise bodily design of the item. In many circumstances, without CM, the documentation exists but just isn’t according to the merchandise itself. For this purpose, engineers, contractors, and management are regularly pressured to develop documentation reflecting the actual status of the item earlier than they will proceed with a change. This reverse engineering course of is wasteful by method of human and different resources and may be minimized or eliminated using CM.

The span of Configuration control begins for the Government as quickly as the first configuration document is approved and baselined. This normally happens when the practical configuration baseline (referred

a top-level exercise model of the configuration control process. It shows the configuration management process divided into three segments, that are detailed in Figures 6-2, 6-3 and 6-4, respectively.

configuration control board

Figure 6.5-1 provides a typical circulate diagram for the Configuration Management Process and identifies typical inputs, outputs, and activities to consider in addressing CM. All rights are reserved, including these for textual content and knowledge mining, AI training, and comparable applied sciences.

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view. The CCB is comprised of representatives who oversee, suggest and evaluate proposed software releases and property requirements. Create a configuration administration apply that can present ongoing value to the organization. Automation tools similar to Chef and Ansible can be utilized for automating system configuration management actions, while declarative infrastructure automation instruments similar to AWS CloudFormation can be used to automated platform configuration. Projects are encouraged to use COTS configuration management products somewhat than creating their very own.

configuration control board

One of the important thing inputs to getting ready for CM implementation is a strategic plan for the project’s complete CM process. Consistent with the federated structure strategy described in Section three, important architectural information have to be registered with DARS in order that discovery of reusable architectural knowledge can be accomplished throughout the Department. The Configuration Control Board often meets with representatives from all areas of DPAS support together with the Program Office (AT&L – P&E) and Central Design/Management Support (Leidos). During these conferences, DPAS teams present new updates to the system and coaching, plans for the future, and bulletins for upcoming events.

Organizations may select to have a single CCB handling change requests across a quantity of projects. A low-level CCB could handle decrease priority change requests, as an example non-customer-facing options or modifications with low/no cost impact. A higher-level CCB could deal with main change requests which have significant influence on prices or buyer. Poor change control can significantly impression the project by means of scope, value, time, threat, and advantages.

The CM workplace ought to fastidiously weigh the worth of prioritizing resources into CM instruments or into CM surveillance of the contractors. Whichever view you use, you’ll find a way to create one or multiple tags and filter accordingly to trace project adjustments. At every assembly, the Change Advisory Board reviews requested changes using a regular analysis framework. That framework should consider all dimensions of the change, together with service and technical elements, enterprise and customer alignment, and compliance and threat. The CAB should additionally look for conflicting requests—these circumstances particularly require CAB members to keep up holistic, business-outcomes views that don’t favor the actual group or particular person looking for the change.

Baselines are established by agreeing to (and documenting) the stated definition of a CI’s attributes. The functional baseline is established at the SDR and can usually transfer to NASA’s control at the moment for contracting efforts. Together, these standards handle what configuration administration activities are to be accomplished, when they are to happen in the product life cycle, and what planning and assets are required. Configuration management is a key methods engineering follow that, when properly implemented, provides visibility of a true representation of a product and attains the product’s integrity by controlling the changes made to the baseline configuration and tracking such adjustments. Configuration administration ensures that the configuration of a product is understood and mirrored in product data, that any product change is helpful and is effected with out antagonistic consequences, and that modifications are managed. The Change Control Board and Change Advisory Board share an analogous focus of reviewing and making decisions for change requests, though their scopes range broadly.

Configuration Control Board (ccb)

The manager leads the group, coordinates the activities and oversees all features of change. Table 6-1 supplies an exercise guide for the evaluation of a configuration control process. Since all existing CI configurations cannot often be up to date concurrently, careful consideration should be given to both delaying or accelerating

  • The CM plan could additionally be a standalone document or it may be mixed with other program/project planning paperwork.
  • Without these elements, companies will fall behind rivals who make modifications quickly and safely.
  • The ideas discussed beneath
  • In basic, NASA adopts the CM ideas as defined by SAE/EIA 649B, Configuration Management Standard, along with implementation as defined by NASA CM professionals and as permitted by NASA management.
  • functional perspective, with the modifications being considered.
  • The voting membership of the Board consists of 1 representative from each main consumer of DPAS.

The configuration management process evolves from a much less formal process in the early phases of a program to a really configuration control board disciplined and formal process in the course of the System Development and Demonstration,

between the affected actions. The CDCA then again, pertains to specs or any different type of doc and is impartial of the organization that physically maintains and shops the document. The CDCA is the organization

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